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Important previous announcements from CPC/Qualicare

IPWIS (Integrated Pollution and Waste Information System) VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE

PathCare is no longer (from 01/07/14) permitted to supply, transport, collect or dispose of your Sharps containers BY LAW!!!
The Department of Environmental affairs and Development Planning for the Western Cape has, in recent, wide and far reaching new legislation, passed regulations which will affect each & every Family Practitioner (FP) with immediate effect!

The ICD-10 Code rejections document is now available for download from the link below. > Click here <

If you wish to motivate for an upgrade to your latest category on clinical grounds, please write a letter to motivate.
The motivational document can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or fax to 011 758 7787.

If your motivation is endorsed by the IPA Forum and accepted by Medscheme, then your category score will remain
at the higher category score for two quarters or the balance thereof.

All dispensing health practitioners with licences issued under Regulation 18 of the Act will remain valid until such time as revoked by the Director General of the Department of Health.

However, an annual fee of R200.00 per annum will still be payable

A perverse Incentive and Harmful Business Practice (HPCSA)

CPC/Qualicare issues the sternest possible warning to any doctors who are involved with any pharmaceutical wholesaler or manufacturer who offers to share monies with you from rebates or logistics fees, in return for your orders to supply you with pharmaceutical and related goods.

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