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Important previous announcements from CPC/Qualicare

( unless you have signed a DSP contract )

In a recent meeting with Medscheme, we were unequivocally informed that (ALL Medscheme Schemes) will pay their portion to you irrespective of the amount which you charge the patient and reflect as a balance.  Medscheme are to be congratulated on joining the ranks of the liberated in this regard.

CPCs position on low cost networks  

I am sure that you have noticed since the dawn of 2013, more and more Funders are forming their own Networks of GPs and calling them their DSPs.

It would seem to an outsider, that the doctors in these networks are fundamentally different, however, every network draws off the self-same BHF database of  GPs and once these are assembled into a spread sheet , they become that Funders network , and hence, by expectation their DSP.   They are however all the same doctors recycled from one DSP network into the next!!

Qualicare and the IPAF note with increasing alarm the number of low cost Primary Healthcare products which are entering the market and requesting doctors form part of their network.

Herewith a draft contract for GPs wanting to partake in NHI and contract with the State.

You will see that it is in its infancy at present but it gives you a good idea what State is thinking . No rates have yet been made apparent by State , and the GPs who will be contracted are only going to be those in rural and far outlying areas currently underserved by the GP population.

The rate per hour which seems to be in line with State policy is R 300 per hour.


Joint Press release from Board of Health Care Funders and IPA Foundation: Rejection of allegations of Gross fraud in the Medical Industry

The IPA Foundation and the BHF HFMU are most perturbed at the unsubstantiated allegations of massive fraud in the medical aid industry. Fraud to the staggering amount of R 22 Billion was recently quoted in the Times and rapidly reported in most major dailies and weekend newspapers in RSA.

The figures were attributed to an investigator training indaba, run by the BHF’s HFMU.

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