Department of Labour Inspections

We have been made aware that inspectors from the Dept of Labour are calling on GP surgeries and presenting them with daunting forms to be completed, much of which is not applicable to General Practice. We have therefore summarised the forms into what may be more appropriate for our practitioners. Please also note: You must have a fire extinguisher, and it must bear a valid service date. You must conduct a risk assessment in your practice of hazards in the workplace which can place the workers and the public at risk and have it available for inspection.

Basic Conditions of Employment

To our Shareholders & Members:

There is a compulsory registration by every practice which employs staff, with COIDA, usually done by the practice accountant (at the same time as they do the VAT and the PAYE) – a statutory liability to register employees with COIDA and pay the monthly fee on their behalf to COIDA.

PLEASE, do not confuse this with the fact that you do NOT see or treat ‘injury on duty’ patients!

(You are aware that you múst first stabilize such a patient before you refer him further)

Labour Inspections – Form – W As

What is the difference between COIDA and Workmen’s Compensation?

Labour Inspections – Do I have to register my staff with COIDA

Department of Labour Inspections