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2023 – Discovery Health’s PPE funding

2023 – Medscheme’s PPE funding

Update on Covid-19 Regulaltions (23 June 2022)

The limited regulations which dealt with:

– Wearing of masks indoors

– Limitations of gatherings

– Vaccination proof or PCR negative tests at Ports of Entry, have all been lifted

Covid-19 and Returning To Work Frequently Asked Questions

Polmed: Covid-19 is a Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) Condition

As a result, funding for the treatment of Covid-19 will be from PMB. COVID-19 test.

  • All positive tests will be funded from PMB.
  • All negative tests will be funded from out-of-hospital benefits.

Update to Covid-19 Vaccination Schedule for Immunocompromised Adults

Funding of Personal Protective Equipment – PPE:

COVID-19: Momentum – Summary Reimbursement of PPE

COVID-19: MEDSHCEME Funding of Personal Protective Equipment

COVID-19: Universal Announces Tariff for PPE Reimbursement

COVID-19: Profmed PPE Communication for GP’s

COVID-19: CAMAF PPE Funding for FP’s

COVID-19: Bestmed will pay for PPE from 13 July ’20

COVID-19:GEMS PPE Funding for Family Practitioners

COVID-19: Discovery PPE Funding for Family Practitioners


COVID-19: PMB Definition Guideline Version 6

COVID-19: How long should I isolate or quarantine?

COVID-19: STAY well, STAY safe & STAY out of Trouble with the Labour Inspectors

COVID-19: Guidelines – Prevention Management of your Practice & Staff if Exposed

Cleaning & Disinfection

COVID-19: Cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in the context of COVID-19

COVID-19: Here’s how to Prep your Practice for COVID-19


COVID-19: Permit to Travel to Perform a Service – Form 7

COVID-19: Form for the GP to complete upon diagnosing a positive COVID case

COVID-19: Poster – NO ENTRY without a FACE MASK

COVID-19: COVID Control Officer Notice

COVID-19: Fit to Travel Questionnaire

COVID-19: Return to Work Documentation during COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19: Update PUI Form V4

Guidance on Coding

COVID-19: Guidance on Coding for COVID-19

COVID-19: Qualicare Communities with GEMS regarding Codes 0130, 0132 & 0133

COVID-19: GEMS Funding for COVID-19 Pathology Tests

COVID-19: Telemedicine – You CAN combine 0130 with 0132

Vaccination Sites

Do you want to become a Covid-19 Vaccinator?

Circular on Vaccine Price

Minimum Requirements for C19 Vaccination Sites

Novel Corona Virus Contact Numbers

National Coronavirus HOTLINE

0800 029 999


The Provincial HOTLINE

021 928 4102


WhatsApp “Hi” to:



Clinicians call:

0800 111 131