PAIA Manual Deadline is 01 Jan 2022

PAIA: Outcome of Request Form and Fees Payable

Q:What is the difference between POPIA and PAIA?

A:PAIA versus POPIA? Both are “information” laws, with PAIA protecting the right to access and freedom of information and POPIA protecting the unwarranted exposure of personal information. Both Acts work together to ensure that information is managed lawfully.

Q:When must you have a PAIA manual?

A:The PAIA Manual deadline is 1 January 2022. Some bodies are currently exempt up until 31 December 2021 but from 1 January 2022, everybody needs to have a PAIA Manual.

Q:Is it compulsory for all Organisations to have a PAIA manual?

A:From 1 January 2022, everybody must have a manual.

Q:How do you comply with PAIA?

A:A requester must comply with the procedure that PAIA stipulates – the request must be in the form specified in the PAIA regulations, and the requester must pay the prescribed fees to the organisation. Again, relatively easy to comply with. There must not be any grounds for refusal (as determined in PAIA).

New PAIA tariffs:

Requester fee: R140.00

Photocopy A4 printed page: R2.00 p/page

Searching fee p/hour 1st hour is free (R0.00) thereafter R145.00 p/hour (max of R435.00)

[We assume these fees are VAT inclusive?]