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CPC/Qualicare is the largest and most effective self-sustaining, Independent General Practitioner Network in the Western Cape Province since 1990. We are exclusively doctor owned and managed. CPC/Qualicare’s experienced consultants provide the vital link between your Practice, the Company and the Medical Industry.


To be the pre-eminent Independent Practitioner Association in the Western Cape.


To provide Quality, Affordable, Sustainable, Equitable, Non-discriminatory Primary Healthcare to the patients of the Western Cape, through empowering our doctors, dentists and other medical and allied practitioners with clinical, business and ethical knowledge, as well as up to date practice information and assistance.



CPC/Qualicare covers the entire Western Cape Province from Beaufort West in the North East to Lutzville in the North through Cape Town to Cape Agulhas in the South, Plettenberg bay in the East and everywhere in between.


We have 5 highly experienced staff who contact the practices to which they have been allocated, on a weekly basis to address relevant problems, from Medical Scheme late payments, difficulties with getting the right person to listen at Funder level, to the newest info on dispensing. PRACTICE ASSISTANCE is also provided with maintaining and registering difficulties with HPSCA, BHF/PCNS, Dispensing licenses and reminders of payments and fees, as well as retention of licences.

All doctors about to open a new practice are welcome to join CPC/Qualicare whereupon one of our consultants will guide you through the intricacies of starting your business.

IPWIS (Integrated Pollutant and Waste Information System)

Practice waste disposal has become an integral requirement of day to day running of a practice. Practices have to register with IPWIS. Should you have difficulty registering or remaining IPWIS compliant, our consultants have contacts with IPWIS and are able to assist you to become compliant.


Our 54-page electronic monthly edition is packed with relevant, crucial information on a variety of health issues. It is a confidential document for CPC/Qualicare shareholders and members only; it is also circulated to 170 key opinion leaders in the healthcare industry. We welcome articles and news from all our practitioners. The newsletter has a free classified section, which is available to members at no charge, to advertise for anything related to their practices like locums needed, staff vacancies,etc. We also allow non-members & companies to advertise in our newsletter or on our mass emails at a market related rate.


The CPC/Qualicare website is the most comprehensive communication tool and you have it at the click of a mouse. All relevant news and updates are readily viewable, forms and legal contracts are available as downloads. The website also features an archive of previous newsletters as well as the current newsletter for the month.


The CPC/Qualicare doctors website is a lookup tool for patients looking for a new or existing doctor, dentist and other medical professionals in their area. You are encouraged to advertise your practice address, hours, terms and conditions, areas of special interests etc. Currently, it is free to members to list on the site. Commercially, it is worth approx. R6,500.00 per year, and is offered to you at no charge as a CPC/Qualicare member. Contact your CPC/Qualicare Consultant for assistance completing the application forms.


Standard patient registration forms have been devised which include the most relevant information from each new patient who registers with your practice. This information will greatly reduce your bad debt risk as well as assist you in keeping track of your patient’s whereabouts, see www.docweb.co.za


We distribute essential information (with your consent upon joining) via mass e-mail. We use mass email which is a fast and cost-effective form of communication between the IPA and our shareholders and members. We also offer a free mass email advertising service to find locums or advertise. We strive to keep you informed at all times but rely on you to log onto your computer and onto www.docweb.co.za daily. CPC/Qualicare will only e-mail you important matters and will never clutter your e-mail with unnecessary spam. You are reminded to set your firewall accordingly.


CPC/Qualicare is on Facebook – follow us and make comments – follow the link to our page www.facebook.com/CPC-CPC/Qualicare-101129665098519/


CPC/Qualicare supplies its doctors with free stationery, including prescription pads, sick certificates, referral pads and appointment cards per month. The commercial value of this is currently more than R370.00 including VAT/month and represents a significant saving to your practice, offsetting membership fees by over 70%. CPC/Qualicare also offers extra stationery, in excess of the free limited amount, at well below current market related cost.


Annual Open Days have been held F2F at Bellville, George and Worcester. They are the highlight of our yearly calendar and are exceptionally well organised and widely supported by the medical and allied professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.

Shareholders and Members currently enjoy an approximate 45% reduced fee on our open day related reading material. We aim to provide 70% to 80% of your annual CPD at our conferences in a fun virtual or F2F environment, together with our related reading.


The CPC/Qualicare website, www.docweb.co.ca, possesses very important generic downloads including:
• COIDA forms
• PMB Benefits
• Further forms under construction


CPC/Qualicare is committed to assist doctors in obtaining their required CPD points. By attending our CME evenings throughout the year as well as the annual Open Day, you are able to earn 70% to 80% of the requisite points for the year by way of attendance and completion of related reading material and scoring 70% or higher when returning your related reading questions.


CPC/Qualicare compiles annual “summary sheets” to inform members (who do not yet charge cash) of the amounts of reimbursement that the different medical schemes offer at the beginning of each year when price confusion usually reigns.

IPAF (of which CPC/Qualicare is a foundation member) compiles these tariffs from advice received from Funders. Neither CPC/Qualicare, nor IPAF currently negotiates, accepts, or prescribes tariffs. It is each individual member’s prerogative to decide on their own tariffs and or contracts.


Currently, CPC/Qualicare can organise Glucometers for doctors to give to their patients. Should you need machines, you can contact your consultant who will organise for machines to be dropped at your practice. This however depends on supplies and is not guaranteed.


Through constant interactions with all major funders and administrators, CPC/Qualicare has secured sound working relationships to assist you should you experience any problems with Discovery, Medscheme schemes: AECI, Bonitas, Fedhealth, MB Med, Postmed, Polmed, GEMS: All options, Medshield, Medihelp, Camaf, Universal, Momentum and Metropolitan with others in the pipeline.


CPC/Qualicare abides by the HPCSA ethical regulation of “All Willing Providers”. Our members are therefore fully entitled to participate in the CPC/Qualicare contracts and benefits. Medical aid contracts are, of course, available to non-members, however, they do not enjoy the support of the consultants, nor of the IPA and its infrastructure in liaising with the funders in a very complicated market.


CPC/Qualicare possesses the skill to analyse managed care contracts in detail. All members are encouraged to approach us before signing any new managed care contracts to ensure that you are maximally protected from shady small print. Please be advised to send your contracts to the CPC/CPC/Qualicare Office for a free non-binding opinion.


CPC/Qualicare consultants have vast personal experience with the internal workings of the medical scheme payment mechanisms. Paid up shareholders and members are welcome to submit problem accounts to us in batches for elucidation and submission to key persons within funder organizations. We have achieved remarkable results for doctors who have battled with their medical scheme reimbursement.


Peer-To-Peer Mentoring, Management, Peer evaluation, and Peer Review are an integral part of the services we offer our members. Our Peer Mentor Officers have been instrumental in assisting doctors with all aspects of the review process over the past 3 years. CPC/Qualicare practitioners are highly rated in peer activity. We will assist you should your practice fall out-side of National norms, should you wish us to be involved.


CPC/Qualicare continues (via the SAMCC and IPAF) to interact with Medical Schemes which offer enhanced fees for Performance Based Reimbursement Models. We have your interest at heart to ensure FAIR PEER PROFILING AND PEER REVIEW. CPC/Qualicare leads the field in FAIR PEER to PEER management.


CPC/Qualicare is a founder member of the IPA Forum with Medscheme and is a source of contracts for all Medscheme schemes.


CPC/Qualicare has a representative on the Family Practitioners Advisory Board of Discovery Medical aid (FPAB) at which numerous problems are raised and highlighted for Discovery to redress.


CPC/CPC/Qualicare is a founder member of the South African Medical Contracted Community (SAMCC), an association of nation wide IPAs, which together with other likeminded IPAs form the Independent Practitioner Association Foundation (IPAF), a national Body of IPA leaders who interact with the Private sector and Government stakeholders to preserve the integral place of the private General Practitioner in the Health Care Delivery System of RSA.


CPC/Qualicare has been involved in the roll out of most managed care initiatives in the Western Cape Province. Interaction with CPC/Qualicare and our consultants ensures that your practice remains up to date with the latest requirements from managed care and offers direct liaison with the MCOs via your CPC/Qualicare consultants.


CPC offers the facility of communicating to doctors in the event of important meetings arranged by the commercial sector.


The CPC/CPC/Qualicare Network of GPs will be the natural choice for Provincial and National NHI initiatives. We remain up to date with analyses of NHI, the Medical Schemes Amendment Act and the Health Market Inquiry (HMI)


CPC/CPC/Qualicare is frequently used by a variety of companies to launch new products. IPA membership ensures the latest information will reach you as well as invitation to social functions. Pharmaceutical Companies are assured that their notices for the meetings will go out through CPC/Qualicare approved channels thereby vastly improving the compliance of the receiving entity.


CPC/Qualicare is closely allied to all General Practitioner State PPP initiatives, most recently the Silver Command of the Western Cape Health Dept dealing with Covid 19 and vaccine rollout. We are fully appraised of the latest developments in governmental processes involving Family Practitioners and future PPPs.


CPC/CPC/Qualicare runs interactive business seminars for doctors, their receptionist, practice managers, and any other interested parties in the various medical fields, as and when required.


We are able to facilitate pathology collection material for newly established practices upon request. Please contact your Qualicare consultant when you commence your practice.